Custom Alloy Marine Trailers

CAM Trailers can be custom ordered to suit most trailer boats on the market today.


Trailers designed


Boat models fitted

Our CAM Alloy Trailers are the trailer of choice for OffShore Boats NZ and have been specifically crafted for boat enthusiasts who demand the very best in trailer technology. Our trailers are made to order, and our team of experts construct each trailer from the best materials, ensuring that it is precisely configured to maximize reliability and safety.

One of the features that sets CAM Trailers apart from your everyday boat trailer is our unique catch and release system, combined with a heavy-duty disc breaking system. This feature ensures that your boat stays securely in place during transit, and is easy to release when you reach your destination.

We can custom design a trailer to suit most trailer boats on the market today, with 750 trailers designed and 38 boat models fitted to date. Our trailers are crafted with precision and care, ensuring that they cope with the weight of your boat with ease.

“The difference in towing my boat with a Custom Alloy trailer is amazing. It sticks to the road like glue and copes with the weight of my boat with ease.”

– Joseph Kent, New Zealand

At CAM Custom Alloy Marine Trailers, we are proud to be the trailer of choice for OffShore Boats NZ. Our trailers are expertly constructed by our team in New Zealand, and are built to the highest standards. We are pleased to announce that our trailers were used in the Award-Winning OffShore Boats 650 Hard Top, which won the Best 650 Hard Top award at the recent 2021 Hutchwilco New Zealand boat show.

Choose CAM Custom Alloy Marine Trailers for a trailer that is custom designed, hand crafted, and built to last.