The Offshore Boats NZ Range

Hard Top

A hard top boat option provides a fully enclosed cabin, making it ideal for boaters who want protection from the elements. It offers extra space for storing equipment and provides shade on sunny days. The hard top option is especially popular among fishermen as it provides a stable and secure platform for fishing.

Pro Dive

Pro Dive boats are designed specifically for diving enthusiasts. They feature a spacious deck and easy access to the water, making it easy to gear up and jump in. Pro Dive boats also have an advanced navigation system that helps divers find the best dive spots and explore the underwater world with ease.


Circa boats are renowned for their quality, durability, and performance. These boats are designed to handle rough seas and provide a smooth, comfortable ride. They come with a range of standard features, including spacious cabins, ample storage, and high-quality fittings. Circa boats are also highly customisable, allowing boaters to add optional extras such as fishing gear, navigation equipment, and seating configurations. With its excellent build quality and attention to detail, a Circa boat is a great investment for any boating enthusiast.